How to brew cheap wine

Preface: I’ve never done this before, and I’m totally inexperienced about brewing. I did a little bit of research online and found this was the easiest and cheapest way to brew wine, which seems like the easiest of all alcoholic drinks to make. Follow these directions at your own risk

Like the title says, this method of brewing is not expensive (cost me roughly $12. This will make me 2-3 gallons of wine. maybe more), but the returns aren’t for connoisseurs. This is for cheap-asses, college kids, and 15 year olds who can’t buy anything themselves. If you do it right, it’s enjoyable, cheap, easy to do, and most importantly, alcoholic. Plus, it only takes a maximum of 2 weeks to fully ferment!!!

Step 1:
Buy ingredients. Get the cheap stuff. It doesn’t matter what quality it is because it’s hobo-wine.
I made a gallon jug of this. The recipe calls for:

  • 2 cans of juice concentrate (room temp) I chose welch’s concorde grape. You should be able to use any type of concentrate like strawberry, kiwi-whatever etc. Two juice concentrates makes 1 gallon.
  • 2-3 cups of sugar
  • water
  • water container (I used a water jug that was 60 cents at the store, plus I got to use the water)
  • Active Dry yeast
  • bleach
  • funnel
  • rubber band
  • balloon

ingredients How to brew cheap wine

Step 2:
Sterilize everything you’re going to use to keep the fermenting wine in. You don’t want unwanted bacteria growing in your wine, it ruins it. Bleach out your funnel and your jug. Rinse well, and wash with dish soap. Air dry.

sterilize How to brew cheap wine

Step 3:
Go ahead and bring your water to a near boil. What I did was let the water boil just for a bit to kill anything in it (just in case), and then I took it off the heat and let it cool. I heated mine in separate pots because I didn’t have any large enough to hold it all.

boil How to brew cheap wine

Step 4:

While you’re waiting for your water to heat, go ahead and add your room temperature juice concentrate to the clean, dry jug. Use the funnel if you need it.

juice How to brew cheap wine

Step 5:
As the hot water cools, dissolve 2-3 cups of sugar in the water. Most recipies I’ve read say 2 is fine, but i added 3 so the yeast had enough nutrients and so that the wine would be sweeter. Stir while pouring.

sugar2 How to brew cheap wine

Step 6:
Activate the yeast. Follow the instructions on the back of the packet. For me, I added 1 teaspoon of sugar into a separate bowl along with 1/4 cup of water at 100-110 degrees Fahrenheit. Add the yeast to the concoction and stir briefly. Let sit for 10 minutes. The yeast should be very frothy now.

yeast2 How to brew cheap wine

Step 7:
Pour the dissolved sugar-water into the jug that’s holding the juice concentrate. Your juice/sugar-water might be warm. Cool it off a little by placing the jug in the sink and fill the sink with cool water. When you introduce your yeast to their syrupy mix, it can’t be too hot or it will kill the yeast and ruin your project. I waited until the jug was just warm to touch. 80-90 degrees I estimate.

ten How to brew cheap wine

Step 8:

When the mix is cooled enough, add the yeast to the mix.

eleven How to brew cheap wine

Step 9:
Cap the jug containing your sugar water, juice concentrate, and yeast and shake violently. Try not to spill. Do it enough just to mix everything up.

Step 10:
Remove the cap, place a balloon over the top to allow for expansion. The yeasties produce CO2, and its got to go somewhere. You cannot introduce air to the mix or it will ruin it/make vinegar. Bad bad bad! Some people use valves, some make tubing that runs from the jug to a glass of water so air cannot get in, but it allows the CO2 to escape. I use a balloon.
Note: when using a balloon, make sure it doesn’t over-inflate and pop. Again, this will ruin your batch.
If you want you can put a rubber band over the ballon to further secure it. If you really want to i suppose you can tape it as well. I didn’t.

Step 11:
Keep your jug in a relatively warm place (room temp). The yeast can handle 60 degrees, but i wouldn’t want to risk it. Also, i wouldn’t expose it to direct sunlight.

jug How to brew cheap wine

There it is! I just brewed it up tonight, now I just wait 10-14 days and then i can…

Step 12:

When you’re done fermenting, you can siphon the good stuff out while leaving the clumpy yeast in the jug. To repeat, just make sure to sterilize again and you’re good to go.

Again, I’m way not a pro at this. I just thought some of you might want to try this with me and we can help each other along. If you know what you’re doing, post in here and give advice. I’d love to hear it.

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  1. I’ve seen this before, Grandma’s Moonshine Wine recipe, I think. I always wanted to try it, but then I went to AA. (Seriously.)

    But it’s cool that this is here for others. I may send my cousin the link the recipe page. He could use a recipe like this.

    Be good, and have fun. And for goodness’ sake, if you develop a problem, get your ass to AA.

    May you know the Lord Jesus and have peace. God bless you.

  2. Great now ill be prepared for the next time i go to prison.

  3. Any one have any idea how much honey to use if I wanted to use this recipe to make mead. And would I need to use the same amount of sugar.

  4. You cannot make mead like this…the best thing to do is mix equal parts water and honey over heat until it mixes well (no honey goo) and then cool it and use champagne yeast to ferment it. Don’t add sugar at the beginning or it will be too sweet.

  5. Long ago, in our macrobiotics and homemade sausage days, we made our own wine. We were going to make Kool-Ade wine or Coca-Cola wine–once we realized that any flavored fermentable beverage would do the trick.

    The arrival of babies “postponed” our culinary adventurings.

  6. well, i jumped off the wagon, so I think maybe I will try this recipe after all. Only with grapefruit juice. Oughtta be fun.

  7. If you’re _seriously_ interested in making Mead,
    aka The Nectar of the Gods, go to the above
    URL, you’ll find many Mead recipes here.

  8. How much yeast are you supposed to add?

  9. [...] Lastnight I made wine. It was cheap and easy, who doesn’t like that? I guess we will have to see how it turns out. I’ll let you know around the 22nd of this month. Til’ then. [...]

  10. I just started to brew though this method yuesterday…overnight this purple thick discharge came out in quite large quantities from the hole in the ballon….the yeast continues to ferment as there are bubles still riseing to the top but i was just wondering if this purple stuff is normal to come out of the jar.

  11. as adam asked how much yeast are you supposed to use? can i use the dry active yeast i bake my bread with(not rapid rise),dying to try this,get back soon.cheers

  12. What happens if I use rapid rise yeast because thats all I had? I have a gallon of this sitting in my bathroom bubbling right now, its been a day and its still bubbling pretty hard! I hope this stuff is safe to drink in a week or two after I pasteurize it.

  13. has anyone completed this? how did it turn out? please report here! thanks

  14. i have heard that if u use rapid rise yeas, i won’t turn out. also, i read somewhere else to use 1 packet of yeast… i think this is roughly 1 tbsp.

  15. 4 days in and my rapid rise yeast mix is still bubbling, but only half as hard as when it started. I’ll report in a few days when it stops bubbling completely, that will probably be when the alcohol content kills off all of the yeast.

  16. Mine was barely bubbling today after 7 days so I decided to bottle it up. Turned out pretty dang good, although I am just a college student and probably wouldn’t know the difference between a $10 and $100 bottle of wine. I am pleasantly surprised.

  17. Hey i just started my own brew today although i made a few changes like i only use 5 litres i added extra sugar because i like thing sweet i also went for orange cordial and coconut essence. I have been brewing beer before this with no sucsess always tasting yuk but i have a hydrometre and I am going to work out the alcohol percentage and if it less than 3% alcohol i am not going to make it a again as I like my alcohol amount just as much as the flavor and here in Australia we can buy alcohol at the age of 18. So when i’m done i’ll tell you how strong this alcohol is so far the specific gravit is 1.078sg

  18. I just read an article that said this “Adding more sugar does not make it sweeter. Yeast consumes and consumes until there is no food left (in this case sugar), then it becomes dormant. By adding more sugar, you increase the brewing time and also raise the alcohol content.” this is true though until the alcohol kills the yeast but if you use yeast that is designed for brewing beer than it will not die i have not done this though if you do use brewing yeast than the easy way to get sweet wine is to ad extra sugar at the end. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm alcohol

  19. another thing i learned is that if you like it carbonated you can bottle in plastic pop bottles (20oz or 2L) and add ~1tbsp sugar to it before you cap it.

  20. I just tried mine last night, and it appears to be pretty alcoholic, I wish I had some sort of way to measure the alcohol content. It tastes pretty bad though, I added some sugar to it after I pasturized it and it made it better, but there is a distinctly gross aftertaste. I guess I’l have to drink the rest of it after I’ve already had a few beers some night :) .

  21. one way of measuring alcohol content is with a hydrometer. the weird after taste is the yeast… after a few days siphon the liquid into another container leaving the dead yeast at the bottom. You can repeat this a couple times. Storing in refrigerator helpds yeast die and settle to bottom faster.

    how did you pasteurize? also, i think you might have better results with regular old active dry yeast or a wine yeast!

  22. Thanks Jimbob. I think your right about the yeast, I’m going to buy some sort of tube to siphon the wine, I did get rid of alot of yeast the first time but I know there is more left in the jug. I wonder if a coffee filter would help filter it?

    And yeah your right, if I try it again I’ll get the right stuff instead of Walmart yeast

  23. the first time i siphoned i used a coffee filter. it removed some yeast, but not a lot. after a few days quite a bit of the yeast had settled to the bottom, despite my attempt at filtering it.

  24. I heard to siphon it through panty hose works very well, but that was also involving wine that used mash, not juice.

    I think for a better wine you should probably use fresh fruit or canned fruit if you can’t find appropriate amounts of the fresh variety. The actual fruit probably contains a higher yield of natural sugars, alkaloids, scientific mumbo jumbo, etc., that helps provide a more well-rounded, full-bodied, wine flavor.

    I’m actually about to start brewing up some wine for my roomies and college buddies and I read somewhere that you can allow the wine to ferment for as long as you want to get a more “professional” flavor, so I hope to get some great wine for the holidays :)

    Anyway, I’ll try to stay in touch and let you know how the fresh fruit avenue leads me!

  25. I started making mead 2 days ago, and it was bubbling alot at first, but now on days three, the bubbling has appeared to have stopped. I used 2 bears of hunny (24 oz) and 3 packets of active dry yeast, and a one gallon jug of water. I think I put too much yeast in. This receipt was from another website. Should I leave it for a few more days or is it done? I will probably try again with only 1 packet this time. This is for a project for one of my college classes. I still have like 5 more weeks to perfect this.

  26. Eric you probally did put to much yeast in and there was not enough sugar try this recipe i found


    10 lbs. honey
    Citrus peel
    sliced ginger


    Make a basic mead with 2 lbs of honey per gallon. Use a clover honey or
    a light wildflower honey for this recipe. Just before taking the must
    off the boil, add a small amount of sliced ginger (about the size of
    one’s thumb for a 5-gallon batch) and then add the thinnest peel of
    orange skin (about 3/4 of the skin of the orange). Be careful not to
    get the white pith of the skin, it leaves a bitter/soapy after-taste.

    Let it cool naturally about 3/4 hour (longer for larger batches) and
    then remove the ginger and orange peel. Put in a carboy to cool, then
    add yeast and let it go for three to six weeks (I usually let it go till
    it starts to clear). Bottle, let sit for another week or two (to charge
    the bottles) and then chill and serve.

    I haven’t tried and probaly won’t for a while i might give beer making another go and i’ll continue to trie and crack this wine recipe i’m thinking about evolving it to 25 litre or 6.6 gallons

  27. eric,

    i have read other recipes that say it is helpful to use yeast nutrient with mead. another problem could be that you did not shake it enough. for mead, you have to really shake in the begining to get lots of oxygen dissolved. one thing you could do is try adding yeast nutrient and pouring it into a sanitized pucket and back into fermenter, splashing it, to try and add some oxygen to it.

    so, don’t throw it out. the recipe that rahne sounds like most of the ones i have read. yes, you probably added too much yeast.

    this site has some good mead recipes… check out the beginners section.

  28. Well after 2 weeks the wine is done although the final gravity is 1.040 sg with an alcohol content of 5.6% wich means this is about where the yeast dies of pritty good when you con pare it to a brew of beer end up slightly less than that but i reckon if you use a yeast tollerant to alcohol you could reach 14% or above i may try as i have yeast left over from brewing beer

  29. HI FOLKS

  30. After a month my grape concentrate has cleared quite a bit and is perfect.

    I am now making banana-apple wine (from real bananas), jalapeno wine, spiced-apple wine, apple wine, and another batch of the grape.

  31. Does it really matter if you boil the water or not? I dont see what it does.

  32. boiling water kills off any backteria and helps desolve the sugar

  33. Is there anyway this could harm you? If so can you give me all the heads up and ways to avoid it? Thanks

  34. I also wanted to know how much water u use for your 1 gallon?

  35. Iv don a similar experiment before only less quantity, i didnt get to taste it but according to the college police that seached my dorm room (that resulted in an underage from purchased bevrages) the concocsion i had developed was booze.

  36. I produced this without boiling the water (just got it as hot as the faucet would allow) and on the first night my balloon burst and I had to replace it, but it tasted absolutely horrible. I am wondering if its the yeast or the juice (welchs concord grape) or my failure to follow directions to the T but I drank probably three glasses of it last night and the yeast just sat heavy on my stomache which led to vomiting all over my toilet.

  37. Bobster… more likely your ferment got contaminated. That’s why you threw up. You will get a gross after taste using bread yeast. That is why we use beer brewers yeast or champagne yeast. They don’t have that doughy after taste. It’s cheap and you don’t have to be of age to buy it. Wine and champagne yeast are more alcohol tolerant and thus will make more alcohol. Never drink a cloudy ferment, or the yeast at the bottom. It will give you diarhea. If you get the squirts drinking this stuff, eat some yogurt or take an acidophilus pill. I could say more, but I’ll save it for later. Ciao kiddies.

  38. it is best to boil the water to kill bacteria. there is a small amount of bacteria that may grow in your faucet head. it is too small to hurt you when you drink the water, but when you add this bacteria to a sugar solution and let it sit for a few weeks, the bacteria grow to a level that could hurt you. It is best to boil the water.

    There is very little danger with this recipe. People have been making wine for 1000s of years using this method. Just make sure you the follow the directions. Don’t let air get to your wine, otherwise it will turn to vinegar and taste like crap.

    It is also best to use actual wine yeast. This has a huge effect on the taste.

  39. i did this before in high school with baker’s yeast. plenty of fun, but it tasted heinous, barely drinkable even after carefully siphoning it; tasted like i was eating yeast and drinking wine at the same time. i could barely drink enough to get drunk, i stopped at buzzed and a bit sick to my stomach. i am interested in a response on the following topics from those who have experience in this sort of thing.
    -people aren’t huge fans of red grape wine around here. how do the concoctions with other fruits and fermentables turn out? sweet like a wine cooler? a little more bitter like a fruity wine perhaps? anybody done this with just pure sugar and no other ingredients?
    -most importantly, how does using a better grade of yeast affect the taste? specifically, i hope that i will not have to subject myself to the ‘bread effect’ in order to get drunk…perhaps some champagne yeast is worth the trip across the city to the wine store?

    Thank you all so much…and keep fermenting!!!

  40. I prepared this recipe around the 2nd of October. Last night my boyfriend and I siphoned it with a coffee filter and it tastes very nice indeed. there is still yeast in it, but i am filtering it again. we started a mash wine using the same technique as the balloon wine. I think we will call it “Murk Wine” as it looks really nasty because i used 6 different fruits and a half a pack of grape kool-aid (makes it black-ish). i am hoping it will be ready in time for halloween!!!!! Thanks so much for the recipe!!!

  41. We used to make this when I was in high school. I cannot emphasis cleaning your stuff enough, and definatley boil the water. Also keep the balloon on it till its done. If it is in danger of bursting, slowly relieve some, but not all of the pressure. Also I read somewhere that while the yeast eats the sugar it likes a slightly acidic environment, so add some orange juice to the initial mix. I don’t remember how much but it seems we used to add like a cup or two. also when its done be very carful handling the jug the yeast that has settled out is easily stirred back into the liquid. When siphoning off the wine don’t put the tube all the way down into the bottom of the jug, we used to put the end just under the surface of the wine and lower it as the level of the wine lowered, stopping when the wine was about an inch above the yeast layer at the bottom. If you jostle the jug just let it set for an hour or so and let the yeast settle out again. Finally if the taste isn’t to your liking we made our own wine coolers. Take a 16 or 20 oz glass fille 1/3 with cheap/homemade wine and top off with something like 7 up or diet coke.

  42. Great thead, guys!
    I have made countless batches basically the same way! Improvements in brewing tek lead to improved taste, control over sweetness and flavor, maturity and less hangovers! The top 3 lessons I have learned are: 1. Never use bread yeast- use a good quality wine yeast instead ($1.00) in brewing supply stores 2. Use a hydrometer ($10.00) in the same place – it helps adjust the sweetness and alcohol levels of your finished wine. 3. Control the fermentation temp precisely!- That means less hangovers! 4. Get a good brewing or winemaking book or DVD. I found a 2 DVD set on ebay called “easy homebrew” that got me jumpstarted in my home brewery. It even shows you how to build your own fermenters! Happy brewing and safe travels!

  43. Food Stamp Beer

    Here’s a recipe you can make by buying all your ingredients on food stamps.

    At Henry’s Foodstore, WholeFoods, or Sprouts get a few jars of Eden Organic Barley Malt – Traditional Malt Syrup. These places take EBT cards and foodstamps so you can buy this as foodstuff.

    At your supermarket, buy generic corn syrup that says it’s made from high fructose corn syrup, or use brown sugar.

    Place equal parts of the barley malt and sugar to equal about 1/2 pound or about 200 grams, into a pot. Add 3 liters of water and bring to slow boil. Cover and let stand to cool until it’s 74 Degrees Farenheit or cooler.

    Funnel into a CLEAN 3 liter plastic bottle with the cap. The only thing you have to pay cash for is the beer yeast or champange yeast. Find it at a local brewery supply. It’s about $1 a packet. Use Beer yeast for low alcohol, use champagne yeast for high alcohol. At this point you can choose to make alcoholic Root Beer(for flavor) or Beer. To make root beer buy some McCormick Root Beer concentrate and follow the directions for how much to add. Put the cap on tight and shake vigorously. Open the cap and add the yeast to the bottle, add a quarter teaspoon of yeast and screw the cap on. Now loosen the cap enough so that air can get out. Just squeeze to see if the bottle can still breath. Keep the cap on to prevent contamination.

    Place in a dark place and let ferment for a couple of weeks. You will occasionally get that beer/root beer smell as gas is released. When it stops bubbling it’s time to change bottles.

    Siphon the brew into a another clean 3 liter bottle. Don’t get any of the yeast at the bottom. Add a teaspoon full of sugar to the new bottle. Cap it tight and set aside for a day. When the bottle feels pressureized, release pressure and put in the fridge. Taste it while it’s cold about once a day. When it tastes like dry wine add more sugar for taste and serve.

    Be drink and eat mary…

    Eden Organic Barley Malt Traditional Malt Syrup – Health food food stamps
    Corn Syrup – supermarket food stamps
    brown sugar – supermarket food stamps
    3 liter soda bottle – supermarket food stamps
    brewing yeast – brewery supply, one in every city, cash

  44. Hi, I’m about to make my first batch of home brewed wine, but I’ve been hearing some hype about methanol being a product of the yeast’s fermentation? I thought that yeast produced ethanol only, and no methanol, but am I wrong? I don’t really want to be drinking methanol (no matter how drunk it’ll get me), so I just wanted to know if methanol is in fact a product of the fermentation process, and if so, what should I do? Carefully boil it out?

  45. Hey I just started making my own wine, I have two one gallons going right now. Used Lalvin k1-v1116 wine yeast and I haven’t really seen much bubbling… Is this supposed to happen or did somthing go wrong do you think? Been about 30 mins since we added the yeast…


  46. I wouldnt worry about bubbling as long as you are getting CO2 (or whatever the gas) coming from the brew.

  47. If it didn’t bubble chances are your water was too hot and killed the yeast, thats what happened to my first packet of yeast :(

  48. cough…methanol? did anyone read my post? maybe? please? i don’t wanna go blind? thanks?

  49. some times methanol can be produced, but it is only in very small quantities… too small to hurt you. where you run into trouble with methanol poisoning is if you start trying to distill the wine to concentrate the alcohol to make liquor… in concentrating the ethanol, you also concentrate the methanol… which can cause acidosis and blindness among other things. also, some people try concentrating by freezing the wine, then scooping out the ice (only the water in the wine freezes, leaving behind the alcohol and methanol).

    summary: it is safe to make this wine if you follow the instructions… just don’t try distilling/freezing it unless u really know what you are doing (i.e. methanol comes off first with fractional distillation)… search google for more answers!

    be careful!

  50. You are quit right to be concerned about methanol, it is a serious poison.
    However I have never heard of anyone having trouble with it as long as they didn’t attempt distallation. Looking it up on the net yielded the fact that mathanol is made using a completley different process.
    Just stick to fermentation and you should be alright.

  51. I just started fermenting some cider with baking yeast tpday, I am going to a brewery supply store tomorrow to pick up somo better yeast.

  52. Hey I’m about to start doing this and yeah I was wondering if the longer you let it set the more alcohol content you get out of it.

  53. Yeah, the longer you wait, the more alcoholic it’ll get..TO AN EXTENT. Eventually it’ll get too alcoholic for the yeast to survive in (or, the yeast will deplete the sugar in the solution), and the yeast will die (and..stop fermenting). If you supply enough sugar, this should happen between 10-15% (i think…someone correct me if i’m wrong). but anyway, i made a batch of hard OJ, cause they were out of grape concentrate at the store and i felt like i might as well have started brewing SOMETHING, and could always start another batch. who thinks this’ll taste good? Also, you think that the yeast coudl handle the low pH of lemonade? I got “low acid orange juice concentrate”, and the yeast is doing fine in that, but lemonade? ya think it’ll work?

  54. Thanks

  55. Chris if you worried about the Ph being to low then you could a tiny amout of bicarbonate sode this would bring the ph up or you could look for a yeast that can handle low ph

    Also i made a wine out of orange cordeal i added coconut essence when i started brewing because i like the tropical flaver how ever the coconut essence is now to strong so if you wish to have the cocnut flavor ad it after you finish brewing because i think the brewing prosses slightly altered the flavour of the coconut essence as well as making it stronger.

    Now the yeast is the reason for the bad taste.
    and hear is how to get around increase the amout of sugar leave out the yeast completly but it in a streilised bottle thatseals tight and leave it for a few months now this will take longer but it will work and leaves out the aftertaste of the yeast use a hydrometre to check out the percentage.

    I know this will work because my mum did this accidentally. Each year we used to make quite alot of lemon cordeal (love the fruite trees in the back yard) anyway one time it was left so long it went alcoholic it also hapen againd with homw made preserved pears

  56. Well i havent started brewing yet, because my one question is how much yeast to use for the recipe:
    2 cans of juice concentrate (room temp)
    2-3 cups of sugar
    water container (I used a water jug that was 60 cents at the store, plus I got to use the water)
    Active Dry yeast (??? 1 packet, 2 packets?)
    rubber band

  57. I made a three gallon batch. I bought a wine yeast.It was mabe 1/8 teaspoon. The yeast reproduces as it grows. More yeast will start faster but it is not needed. The yeast cost $0.85.

    If you can’t get wine yeast. It is a bit of a risk. But wild yeast grows in the skin of grapes. You could just drop a few grapes in your brew. People were making beer and wine 6,000 years before they knew what yeast was.

    I collected some wild yeast to make sourdough bread. I am still alive.

  58. Hey,
    Just started my first homebrew today. I used
    1 packet of avtive Yesast, two containers of strawberry kiwi, pinapple orange, and after three hours the yeast is bubbling and chowing down amazing!

  59. hey, i read that a good technique used to filter vodka is through a funnel, filled with filter-charcol, with a cotton ball to stop up the end, will this also work for wine?

  60. Hey, just about a week later…the yeast i sslowing down, took off ballon and replaced with airlock(just to play it save) and tried a little…wow was that boozy! Had a bready kind of taste, not to bad though. Used 4 cups of suger and man oh man did the yeast eat that up! I think if you keep it sterile this should come out well. I did notice that it had a sour taste to it does that mean its spoiling?

  61. No, my friend’s wine has a sour taste to it and it’s fine. At least that’s what we think.,

  62. I mixed a batch of kool-aid fruit punch, with a bit of creme soda for good measure. It seems to be going ok after 3 days. lots of bubbles.
    could this be done with just sugar-water? Has anyone here tried to ferment anything especially unusual?

  63. I haven’t started brewing yet.. (gonna get supplys tomorrow) I was thinking of starting off with just making a flavorless sugar wine does anyone know anything about that. I got a recipie that is the same as this one just differen’t ingredents. let me know.. thanks.

  64. I just started a batch last night and this morning my ballon was completly inflated. Like an idiot I pinched the ballon and poked a hole to deflate and put a new ballon on over it. Yeah it popped! scared my wife and I was late for work. The concocsion was only exposed to air for maybe 5 seconds. Does anybody know if that ruined my batch. If so its cheap to remake and I made a valve system at work today. I am very impatint so I’ll probably try it anyways. would appreciate an answer.

  65. how much water do you add to this?….i was going to make it and i have all the supplies ready but it doesnt say how much water to add…please get back to me as quick as u can

  66. yea, this was easy as hell to make. grapejuice, sugar, and yeast. it didn’t eve taste that bad. until we got drunk and started shakin the shit up.

  67. Chris L-
    I am trying this recipe with lemonade concentrate and plenty of sugar, as well as some wine yeast that was supposed to thrive in a slightly acidic environment. After about an hour there is no activity and I am a bit worried. I will update again soon if it activates, but I am thinking the lemons are just too acidic without something to buffer the solution.
    -Chris R

  68. you put enough water in it for the level to be 2 to 3 inches from the top. The more air the more oxidation will take place. I read this, made it and then went and bought a $15 book and this will work. becareful not to pop your ballon and carefully bleed the pressure and you probably will. Use 3 cups of sugar or a little more. The more sugar the higher the alchol content. let it fermint for 14 days so the alchol will kill the yeast. siphon the wine from the jug to another jug staying off the bottom of the jug. put it in the frig for any other yeast to fall to the bottom for a day and siphon again. drink or bottle, the longer the wine stays bottled the better the taste.

  69. can someone please respond to my earlier comment reguarding how to strain/shphion

  70. I used cheap apple juice concentrate freom Aldi, about 3 cups of sugar and some red wine yeast I got off ebay. I let it ferment for 11 days. It came out really good. Strong, with a good apple aftertaste. Maybe next batch I’ll let it sit for 2 weeks like matthew said, and siphon instead of use a strainer. I poured the initial gallon into 2 2 quart pitchers to put in the fridge, and the next day there was a lot of yeast sludge in the bottom when I poured it into an empty wine bottle. My balloon never expanded much or stretched out, but it did fill up with air and stay full until the end of the 11 days. I think there was a small hole air was escaping from, which didn’t seem to affect the results. My yeast packet says it makes up to 5 gallons, so I think I’m going to try to find a better container for a bigger batch next brew.

  71. It is possible to make wine with just sugar, water, and yeast. Not much on taste but very easy and to my knowledge IS THE cheapest way to make alchohol( Something like 20 to 30 cents a fifth!). The way I did it was to make it exactly like you’d make wine from juice concentrate only at the step where you add the juice, you substitue it with sugar. I made a small batch the first time to test it.

    Ingrediants for a 2-litre bottle of sugar wine.
    1 packet of yeast
    750-1000ml or 5-6 cups of water
    3-3.75 cups of sugar
    (Note, the cup of liquid and the cup of sugar are vastly different in size. The sugar cup is MUCH smaller, about as big around as a can of cola and half as tall or so. I just added that so no one would misunderstand and try to fill half the jug up with sugar. Wouldn’t work I’d imagine and even if it did you’d probably get diabietes from drinking it all, just kidding.)

    I only used a 2-litre and it worked. So if you want to make more than that at one time, just double the ingrediants to make 1 gallon.

    One last question. Does anyone know how to tell the alchohol percentage other than by taste?

  72. I started a batch today and there is still no bubbling. I am a little worried I may have killed the yeast when I added it to the “fermenter.” When I activated it it foamed a good inch and a half but I got impatient and added it to the fermenter while the water/juice was still pretty hot. What are the chances I killed the yeast? How long should I wait to see bubbling before I toss this batch and try again? (it cost less than $8 for all the supplies)

  73. Nevermind.. just checked it and its bubbling like crazy. Here’s my other potential problem…I forgot to buy balloons and instead of going back to buy some I decided a condom would make a good substitute. I’ve heard that condoms have incredible stretching capacities so I’m not too worried about it bursting but does anyone think it could interfere with my batch? I don’t want any lube running down or reacting with CO2 to form some kind of lethal ingredient! damn

  74. I was wondering if you could use a britta filter to filter the wine?
    Or would it filter out everything?

  75. You all have good questions and suggestions but as a basement winemaker, let me make a couple of suggestions:

    Go to a wine/beer brewing store (or go online to and buy a few essential supplies:

    1. An airlock for less than $1. The airlock is placed on top of your brewing container. This will eliminate the need for playdough, balloons, condoms, etc. This will also vastly improve your chances of actually getting wine and not something like vinegar or worse. Be sure to purchase a rubber stopper that is the same size as the neck of your brewing container.

    2. While you are there, buy some wine yeast. It starts at 50 cents a pack and again, vastly improves your chances of getting a good result. For the wines that are made with fruit juices on this site, my best result has been with Red Star Wine Yeasts 5 grams. Cotes Des Blanc. Sounds fancy, but it’s not. You throw the whole pack of yeast in whether you are making a gallon or 5 gallons.

    3. If you want sweet wine, you will need to kill all the yeast left in your wine, then add sugar to taste before bottling it. Do this by adding Potassium Metabisulphite before adding sugar prior to bottling. You can get a small bottle at the wine making shop for less than $2 and the instructions are right on the bottle.

    4. Like everyone has said, sterilization is EXTREMELY important when making wine or beer. You can’t get stuff too clean. If you want to round out your supply list, pick up a packet of no-rinse cleaner like One-Step. For $2.75 for an 8 oz. bag, you can make 16 gallons of sanitizer that is safe enough to drink (although I would not recommend drinking it!). You don’t have to rinse (in fact, I recommend not rinsing) as this product is meant to be used without rinsing.

    So there you have it — for about $7 you can VASTLY improve your chances of making a wine that will actually taste like wine. Be careful in the wine store though. If you are like me, it’s like a kid in a candy store — there are LOTS of things that will temp you!

    If you have about $75 and want to seriously get into winemaking, talk to someone in the store about a kit. This will get you everything that I talked about above, plus better equipment (i.e. glass carboys, fermentation container, etc). You can actually make wine that does taste like what you buy in the store for about 90% less. The guys (and in some cases gals) who work in the wine making shops have also been a tremendous help to me too and can provide an amazing amount of free advice.

    Have Fun!

  76. I am interested in doing this actually, but not sure on a few things. What exactly is syphoning, and how do you do it?

  77. When u put the balloon, you have to get a pin and make a small hole in it. when the CO2 starts to inflate it, poke it and it will allow the CO2 to escape with no air getting in. and also, i bought some juice cans that said 15% juice, will it still work?

  78. hey guys, this has been very helpful reading this thread to get me started, and i was wondering if someone experienced could answer a few things i had on my mind: i don’t have access to a dishwasher or stove for sterilizing, and i was wondering if i could just do this process to a jug of juice from the grocery store. also, when you poke the hole in the balloon after it inflates, how do you know for sure that air wont get back into the jug? thanks a lot guys. again, this is an awesome thread!

  79. I tried this recipe and it just got done today. Mine kept bubbling quite a bit after two weeks so I let it ferment a month. It is pretty dry now but not half bad. Its kind of cloudy, I guess because I tried the coffee filter method. It also tastes really alcoholic, and I didn’t add any extra sugar. I didn’t boil the water on the stove. Instead I tried to do it in the microwave. It never boiled but it got really hot which must have done the trick. Also, can you mix fruit concentrates with real fruit? I’d like to try that next.

  80. hey guys, i really want to try this and i hope i dont sound like a dumbass but i was curious on how much water im supposed to use

  81. This looks wikkid
    I love to brew wine and have all the equipment, but I love DIY projects so I really want to try this

    I’m going to do some in some 7-up bottles, and as a suggestion to make it taste better, I’m going to use one can of concentrate in the brewing process, then I’m going to rack it twice add stabilizer and then, add the second can of concentrate

    I made some cranberry wine by this method, starting with grape concentrate and adding the cranberry afterwards

    And to Nick, above
    Add enough water to bring water up to a few inches from the top

    To the person that said to avoid oxygen: The yeast needs oxygen at the start, and the space between the liquid and the top won’t hurt too much, as long as you don’t take the top off regularly. Just don’t splash it too much around bottling time and when you rack it.

    Racking is pretty much essential, as every real batch of wine I’ve made taste like wet dog before racking, but afterwards tastes like good wine

  82. I am a brewer from my job

    I work in germany , bavaria , for paulaner

    all I can say is, brewing is not dangerous! only distillation is!

    it does not matter how much yeast you take! because yeast reproduces!
    but more yeast=less time waiting


    …IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YEAST: pour a little beer instead of yeast! beer has live beer yeast inside! and it will make a good mixture of malt, hops and your mixture

  83. very nice blog

  84. dear all,

    tried the balloon method , but the balloon poped up several times i think i have added too much of bakers yeast,
    can any one suggest me much quantity of yeast has to be take, will bakers yeast do the jobs for me

  85. Go to a brew shop and get wine or champain yeast. Or get brewers yeast at a health food store.

    Your yeast will keep growing till it runs out of food. Sugar.

  86. made some of this, fermented it for a week, smelled strong, tasted decent, and gave me a bad headache a few hours later. i used 2 cans of concentrate, no sugar, 4 cups of spring water, 1 package of active dry yeast, and like someone above i too had no balloons and had to use a condom. i cleaned the condom well with warm water until it seemed that all the lube was gone. to the idiots with the balloons popping you need a tiny hole in the balloon so that gas can escape. anyways, im makin another batch right now of pink lemonade concentrate made same way as last time. cant wait till its done. im going to try and get some sugar from the store though so that after fermentation and filtering i can add some sugar to improve the taste.

  87. I got 3 gallons of this going in 3, 1 gallon jugs. Used the same recipe I cut a few corners, i used antibacterial soap instead of bleach, and i didnt clean the jugs cause they were new spring water jugs. I boiled the water in them and used that along with 2 cans of welches concentrated juice, 3 cups of sugar, and 1 packet of red star active dry yeast from the grocery store, for each jug.

    All the jugs started bubbling quickly, about 10mins after mixing. They are still bubbling fast at 1.5 days. It smells good too. Im going to rack and bottle one jug at 3 days, one at 7days and another at 10-14. I want quick liquor.

    having a little problem though. The bubbles are rising up to the ballon and leaking some grape juice out, the jug with less juice doesn’t do this.

    This my first fermentation, this recipe is really easy and so fun! I’ll post again when i taste it, and thanks for posting :)

    With foodstamps this cost me about 3 bucks for the balloons, rubber bands, and funnel.


    If your underage living with parents the smell might get you caught!

  88. day 3, first taste test.

    After pouring half of my first jug in a new bottle, i drank a few glasses. It tasted ok, kinda spicy but no bread taste, took 2 short kitchen cups to get buzzed. Then I put it in the freezer for 5 hours then the fridge overnight, there was a lot of junk in the bottom now so i siphoned juice out into another jug leaving behind the less, and I’m drinking it right now. Its much better after the siphon, less spicey and the after taste is more fruity. Im going to get a hydrometer today or tomarrow

  89. Fucking asshole at the local home brewery wouldn’t sell me the hydrometer or the champagne yeast. He even said it wasn’t against the law, but he still wouldn’t cause i wasn’t 18. Fuck him.

    Anyways at day 5 I opened the 3rd jug, went though the siphoning process again and cold stabilized, the extra day made a big different in taste, and it was a bit more alcoholic I think.

    I still have one more jug to drink, been fermenting for over a week. And I’m going to make some other flavored stuff, like I just used this recipe with orange juice, and Welches white grape+raspberry. :)

  90. I ment 21 ^^^

  91. Does it really even matter if you dissolve the sugar first? I just finally did it last night and it’s bubbling pretty heavily and there was a small air leak. Is there a way to tell if it’s going to go bad before the final product? And will it still turn out okay when just a little bit of outside air is exposed to the mixture? Next time I’m just going to set up a tubing system :P

  92. hey guys,

    at last in my second attempt i suceeded in making the wine, i reside in such a country were alcohol is banned , so whatever or however it tasted i could enjoy my week end with booze

  93. Im wanting to make some homemade wine but the real fruit would cost a fortune. I went to a wine supply store today and the container of concentrate was 39 and 49 dollars. I couldnt afford that. Can you just use grape juice in a can like I make for my kids. If so what size of the can small or large do you use for each gallon. My friend makes his in a 5 gallon water jug and uses real friut. Let me know if you woul. Thanks, Jeanne

  94. instead i use muddy creek water to get dry taste ( boiled ), 5 cups of sugar, more alchohol content, plus a package of fun dip to do some crazy shit, more alchohol ( about 2 cups total ), use 4 cups of beer as active yeast. i had a hydrocholric reaction ( toilet bowel cleaner and foil ) pushing the co2 out through a one way valve into a chamber, but the reaction doesnt last long enough to work good, plus it can explode easily, or seep back in and fuck up my stomach lining and shit if its drank, but i switched it to ballon. im trying to get a heinikin taste, its dranken.

  95. What are you talking about Jeanne? Look you just go to the store and buy that grape juice concentrate I dont’ even know what conentrate would be $49

  96. Jeanne, are you suffering from a mental disability? I mean the instructions only said to buy the damn stuff you make for your borderline retarded kids. Maybe you should bother to read the god damn instructions before making a stupid ass comment like that. Actually now that I think of it, if you’re stupid enough to not read the instructions then ask about something that is clearly stated in Step 1, you obviously don’t have the mental capacity to brew wine. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth…..god damn psychotard

  97. Thank you everyone for your great advice. I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday for a project and couldn’t find one. After reading your great stories, I decided I am going to make home made wine. I am taking all of your suggestions, mainly the ones that worked after the failures and try my luck. I will let you all know. Some of you make me laugh so hard – you were great. I am a diabetic but drink wine anyway. I am going to use organic sugar, spring water, organic grape juice, and wine yeast. I have huge 2 foot balloons from work and a declawed cat. So I am safe. Take care – write back any time. Using condoms was hillarious. Sherry

  98. :em51:
    After finally waiting for the distillers yeast to clear (About 1 month after it stopped bubbling) the wine looked good

    I syphoned it out of the glass jug into the spring water jug I bought

    The white welches juice made a nice nothing-tasting white wine

    I added one can of raspberry concentrate to it and BAM it is awesome

    About 18% alcohol (distillers yeast can get higher than typical wine yeast) according to my hydrometer.

    It tastes absolutely great, and goes down smooth

    it’s a little tangy and not too sweet, perfect

    Racking and patience pays off in spades

    Don’t be hard on jeanne you little twerps
    Read her question. She isn’t asking how to make this retardedly easy wine. She’s asking can you use concentrate from the frozen isle to make wine, and the answer is yes. The 50 odd dollars you pay for getting the sack of concentrate is due to the region that the wine comes from and the superior wine that comes out of it. The concentrate wine will only make white, as even red concentrate has dye rather than having the skins left in as red wine concentrate does. Anyway, don’t pay attention to the prepubescent morons.

  99. Hey Brody, why you gotta break balls man?

  100. Not you michael
    The other guy

    your response was fine

    See response 96

    In retrospect, I should have said prepubescent moron

    anyway, I tried to respond to all 3 of you in one string

    But you had said why would concentrate cost 50$, and I half answered that.

    I just really didn’t like how Daniel P. attacked her/him in his/her response

    But yes, this was a good recipe, and any concentrate works

  101. You have accomplished absolutely nothing more than making me want to throw small children out of a two story window into a pool of burning gasoline. Wondering why I feel this way? Because you try to act smart by using fairly big words, but yet you’re too illiterate to realise that I answered the god damn question.

  102. Daniel, I ignored the majority of your stupid comment, I just knew it was rude, un-helpful, and unnecessary.

    Seeing as you puffed out your internet-chest like a horny gorrilla, you sounded like a prepubescent moron. No matter if your balls have dropped or not, you’re still a twerp.

    Her question was, believe it or not, not answered by either your stupid comment or this article.

    Allow me to explain it to you; she was asking about conventional winemaking. This is not conventional wine making. She was asking if canned juices would work as well as fruit to make a quality homemade wine.

    I’m sorry that you are so stupid Daniel.

  103. I made this recipe on June 2nd and today the balloon was completely deflated, so I think that it is done fermenting. No more bubbles. It smells really good, I’m going to try it soon.

  104. This wine is really good!!

  105. I just made my first jug of wine and she’s fermenting nicely. I named her Amber after my girlfriend who nagged at me the whole time about not killing the yeast, lol. Hopefully in two weeks we’ll be able to share the drink with her namesake. I told Amber that if Amber comes out nicely i’ll have to make another jug to distill into brandy. I might would make Amber into a brandy, but then Amber and I would not be able to share a romantic glass of Amber. We’d have to share an Amber brandy and Amber’s middle name isn’t Brandy. It just kinda ruins the whole namesake effect or what have you. I’ll let ya’ll know how Amber comes out. Happy brewing!

  106. Leme tell you. this is well worth youdr effort. it’s beeen almost (not quite) two weeks and my wine is done and did and i’ve drank tree cps and leme tell you i feel like i’ve had 8 or 10 beers. sheet i’d drink more ifin my girlfriend didn’t want to get drunk and horney tomorrow night. lol. shit. this is well worth the wait. brew your own wine. it doesn’t taste3 the best (especially if you use regualaer bakers yeast like i did) baut if you do it right it’s an easy friggin alcoholic as hell drunk. eat drink be mery and be drink and eat marrhy and friggin idk. i love you all. pace. Jason

  107. Oh yeah, figgin amber rokcs the socks off of docks or some shit. pace and love you all. Jason

  108. I’ve made wine out of strawberry juice concentrate. It’s been brewing now for 2 weeks and 2 days, and it is still bubbling a bit and releasing CO2. Should I leave it to bubble or should I stop the fermentation now? I know that if I keep it going the alcohol content will just get stronger…but I’m getting impatient and want to try it now. Also, my jug of wine is still cloudy, how can I get it to not be cloudy anymore???

  109. Shut up, AA omg, im 14 and i have to go. by the way this does work i started making it and you get drunk. next im making oarnge juice concentrate in a 5 gallon bucket

  110. when i made this today and i did it exaclty with all of your directions..except the bleach..but it only got one gallon.and it say you could make like 2 gallons..did i do somthing wrong??

  111. It’s been about twenty minutes since I put the yeast in the mix of concentrate and sugar water and mixed it. It was relatively warm to the touch.

    Shouldn’t it be bubbling or some thing by now, or is the yeast dead?

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  113. insted of siphroning it just use a coffee filter over a bowl then pour into a bottle with a funnel less maerking stuff also you can distill this and get a stronger alchol

  114. [...] How to brew cheap wine ? Thai Scans: Magazine scan of beautiful …Anyway, I?ll try to stay in touch and let you know how the fresh fruit avenue …. Take a 16 or 20 oz glass fille 1/3 with cheap/homemade wine and top off … [...]

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  118. hey u guys im 16..yea i kno i shouldnt b drinkin but it taste so good,
    ive read most of the blogs and learned alot in the past hourbut i have a question! Could you take the screw on lid of a milk jug and cut out a hole in it for a tube about the size of a dime maybe a little smaller and seal it with plumbers putty and then stick the tube in a glass of water? please comment or email me ( thanks a billion

  119. Hey so i started making my batch about a week ago from another website. It had the recipe for 1 gallon and I had 5 gallon jug from a filtered water jug thing that they have a offices and stuff. Since the recipe said add 1 packet for 1 gallon and I was doing 5 gallons I added 5 packets. I realize that might be way too much yeast, but can I siphon it off and have it come out ok? with siphoning, should I just set my jug up on my desk then get a tube and some bottles and suck on the tube until it starts flowing? Also in the beginning I didn’t have a balloon so I just cracked the lid a bit, the next day I got a latex glove and rubber banded it on and it inflated. Now after a week it stopped inflating. I’m worried it might turn into vinegar, how easy is it for that to happen?

  120. Just made some of this following another recipe. I started with 3 cans of 100% Welchs frozen juice concentrate. 2 of them were concord grape and the other was white grape and raspberry. Used 2 cans of water for every can of concentrate. Used one packet Fleshimanns baker yeast. I activated the yeast after mixing the water,concentrate and 1/2 cup of sugar. After adding everything I shook it up with the cap on for a bit then took off cap and attached balloon with a 2 small holes in it. 1/2 hour later bubbles were coming up like crazy I could hear is fizzing. Now 5 days later it has stopped bubbling so I added some sugar and a bit of warm water and shook it up some more. It fizzed like crazy but didn’t spill at all which was good. It seems the yeast is dead because the balloon never reinflated. I taste tested it and at first it was a bit yeasty. After sitting in the fridge for a few hours I tasted some more and it is yummy I think. Alcohol is definatly present but probably not more than 6%. I will try again using some slight modification and see what I can come up with. Any idea why it only fermented around 5 days.

  121. how much water and yeast is required? and also wat is the british equilant and the concentrate stuff? any help wud be great if not itl be trial and error!

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  123. [...] Pictures and conversations can be found here: [...]

  124. I made this, with bread yeast. I know the yeast multiplies uncontrollably, so I added a very small pinch from a packet of yeast. It fermented for several days, and even filled the balloon with the purple fermentation, but now it has receded back into the bottle, and looks fairly clear through the opaque bottle. I ma going to pour it off into a clear bottle tomorrow, and see how she looks. It smelled a little yeasty during the fermentation, but after I poured it off the 1st time, it smelled really good, without any yeast smell at all. I hope it tastes as good :)

  125. Hay! Fuck you all! just go buy some, you overachieving overactive, and underage (or prison inmates) Idiots.

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  127. [...] Pictures and conversations can be found here: [...]

  128. how much water do i put in the jug i want to start right away but i need the details

  129. New to homebrewing, great page.

    Question: My first batch has been setting for about 1.5 days now, and though it has started bubbling and has the balloon standing up straight, the bubbling is very light (almost like a carbonated drink) and I’ve seen no real major foam layer. Did I do something wrong?

    Is that a sign of foreign bacteria or the yeast not having good conditions?

  130. My first batch is finished and bottled. The light bubbling was fine, i guess. I survived a glass, so it ain’t poison.

    Warning to those still in the process of fermenting; DONT JUMP THE GUN. Let the wine clarify signifigantly before bottling. Two weeks is only a rough estimate.

    Another warning; be careful syphoning it. I know it seems easy, but believe it or not using gravity to suck wine through a tube isn’t exactly a clean process. Expect to get a…how do I say…premature taste?

  131. i was wondering would differbt types of juices change the alcohol level???

  132. btw how much water would i need ???

  133. does it realy matter if the wine brews at room temp.?

  134. Can you sub. fresh black raspberry juice(not from concentrate, home grown, cooked down juice) for concentrate. If so, how much would you need to use.

  135. For the highschoolers out there…I had a really good recipe that I made. I ended up selling it to my friends for $10 a half gallon. I think I made about 60 bucks during the winter of my senior year.

  136. I just want to clarify, do I put hole in balloon and would it work if I put the hole in the balloon with a straight pin before I put it on the bottle? This is my first batch and I have to say all of the comments on this site seem very helpful. I’m stoked and can’t wait to taste my first batch.

  137. Anyone trying to brew methanol yet? I live in orchard country and have one fruit grower that told me I could have all the wood and occasionally over ripened fruit (when available) I would need in exchange for a tank of fuel when my batches were done. I’d like to be able to produce 40 to 50 gallons a week,,,
    But I’m starting only with the vague memory of the grain, potatoe and fruit alcohol my step dad used to make to run the gas tractors on the farm,,,, he made it in a bucket?
    Luckily I’m a fairly handy sort of gal and the less of my self sufficiency I can hand the govn’ the happier I am.
    If anyone knows of a good website or has a functioning cooker that they teach me about,,,, I’d really appreciate it.
    I’m also working on using a reclaimed oil heater for my cooking source… I work with alot of tractors and can get the old oil from them.
    I can be emailed at

  138. I just finished my first batch. It turned out awesome. I followed the directions to a tee. I paid particular attention to the temperature and making sure everything was sterilized. I used one package of Red Star active dry yeast. I was very careful to siphon (spelling?) the wine without disturbing the layer of yeast at the bottom. This seemed to work well and I only wasted a very little bit. I can’t wait to make another batch, I am going to try white grape this time. Good luck and I will also try to answer questions based on my limited but successful experience. Later, Don

  139. P.S. I did use a balloon with a pin prick size hole in it and it worked perfect.

  140. i used this method and the turn out was pretty decent.

    i used pineapple juice and slices of fresh nectarine that i mashed up before putting in the bottle.

    i didnt use the balloon method though, i used tubing which ran from the bottle into a cup of water. all i did was cut a hole in the cap and put in the tube and sealed it with putty and it worked great. it bubbled up for about 3 days, i let it sit for another, then strained out the excess yeast through a coffee filter. there was a lot of residue so i figure it worked fine.

    the final product is not the greatest tasting thing but it isnt half bad at all.

    i only made one bottle, and so i used about 1 1/2 cups sugar and 3/4 packet of yeast.

    you can really tell its very alcoholic, both in smell and taste.

    it only cost me $1.50, because the only thing i needed to buy was yeast. so considering the how cheap and how alcoholic it is, i dont think you could get a better bang for your buck.

    i would highly reccomend trying this and will be doing so again myself very soon. next time i will make more and use different kinds of juices. thanks for a great page.

  141. by the way, i didnt heat up the water or activate my red star active dry yeast before hand and it turned out fine. i just used hot water from the tap and put the yeast strait into my juice/sugar/fruit concoction. good luck patrons.

  142. i am using watermelon juice, blue cotton candy, and yeast from the air. also i did not boil and am using a different method of removing CO2. do you think this is OK?

  143. I am now in the process of making simple sugar wine right now, for a two liter i used 7 cups of water, 1 3/4ths of a cup of sugar, and 1 1/2 of a tbs of active dry yeast, when its done im going to mix it with kool-aid, i will update on the 24th on how it turned out.
    Happy Brewing.

  144. Ok folks – a good friend of mine got me interested in home-brewing by letting me taste some of his homemade rum and vodka. I’ve spent the better part of this evening reading all the posts, and I think I’d like to contribute to the afforementioned “over-achievers”. If you can, send me your successful recipe, and I’ll try to copy all of them from these posts, and compile them into some sort of e-book for everyone here to enjoy.

    If you have a proven recipe, or want a copy, post it here, and I’ll try to get a copy out to you as soon as it’s finished.

    Congrats all on a job well done! And thanks a million to the guy who started this site (he never left a name…). I’m heading to the store tomorrow after work to start picking up supplies. I’ll let you know how mine goes in a couple of weeks.

    Thanks again. JD

  145. this is great!! i tried a different one and it’s still in my room. it’s been at least 2 monthes and i don’t think it’s done yet, but i’m going to try this one too cuz it’s faster then the other recipe i have and it’s different. i tried the one i have in my room and while i got buzzed off of two glasses it made my stomach hurt and it was all fizzy which i’m pretty sure means it’s not done. I think it had something to do with how much sugar i used (5 cups) probably that was too much. anyway, thanks for posting this!!!!

  146. when the balloon deflates does that mean its done?or can it still be aged beyond the life-cycle of the yeast,i used rapid rise bread yeast because its all i could get my hands on at the moment.but i like the balloon method over a tube in a container of water because the balloon method will build pressure in the container,that might help the process along.alot of people talk about a nasty taste, once you put that balloon on don’t shake it ever again let the yeast die off and settle for the whole process.then you must handle it with a gentle touch make sure you don’t disturb the layer at the bottom,and pour off the top intill you get close to that bottom layer then stop you will waste alittle depending on your experiance and takes practice and experiance like with anything.the hardest part is finding a place that is warm and dark at the same time,you can always wrap the jug so only the balloon sticks out.alot of people talk about using alot of different fruits but if your a first timer use grape juice,most wine is made with grapes because its the most balanced for wine making,you must do something terrible in order to botch wine made from grapes or grape juice,but the taste is all in the technique of seperating the layers,have fun and enjoy :)

  147. I just finished my first “experimental” batch of homemade wine.

    I made nearly a gallon, using a $2 bottle of Wal-Mart brand apple juice, 1 cup of sugar, a plastic gallon jug, a balloon with 4-6 toothpick-poked holes, and one packet of baker’s yeast.

    I dissolved the cup of sugar into about a pint of hot water, and mixed that with the room temperative apple juice…then mixed in the pre-hydrated yeast in lukewarm water. I shook vigorously, then added the balloon an left it alone.

    8 days later, the balloon had deflated, so I put the mixture into the fridge for a few hours, then the freezer for one hour.

    After this I bottled 1/2 gallon coffee-foltered, cloudy wine……and drank the rest. I mut say I was QUITE DRUNK. Worked like a charm. Now i just hope it stores without spoiling/turning to vinegar.

    *On a side note: coffee filters don’t work well. You NEED to rack with a siphon.

  148. [...] Here’s another method that’s quite popular: [...]

  149. 14th day smells like alcohol must be more than 5%
    chilling now will write again after we try it
    we used 1 grape and 1 punch
    our whole kitchen smells like a winery

  150. [...] Pictures and conversations can be found here: [...]

  151. This sounds like an awesome idea… how can you make hard cider tho? Do you just add the yeast to a gallon of apple cider, and add some sugar? please let me know, I would love to make my own hard cider.

  152. I agree with Winedabbler.

    Some additions:

    If possible, visit a vineyard or taste grape. The good grape means good wine. There are lots of videos on youtube about winemaking and thousands of info on the web. If your aim is to brew a grape wine you i recommend you to learn how to brew it from different type of grapes. White wine method and red wine method are different. But, the main thing is to enjoy it. If the quality doesn’t have any meaning for you, you can easily do it with juice too.

    Have fun.

  153. This is half way right. But when you ferment this the first time you need the air so the yeast can breathe and expand. The second week is when you put the airlock on it

  154. I’m brewing my second batch right now. Didn’t let the first batch ferment long enough so end result tasted like wine cooler. A neat trick is to boil rasiens and pour the juice in right before you put in the yeast. This gives the yeast an extra nutrient to ferment longer.

  155. I bought my Dolphin Diagnostic 4 years ago at our local Leslie’s. I had a Kreepy Krauly which worked pretty nicely however, since my pool has just one skimmer inlet, the floor wouldn’t get adequately skimmed when the KK was being used (even with the KK skimmer plate which allowed for some skimming while vacuuming). Whereas we do not have many trees in West Texas, any which are shed appear to end up in my pool ;-)

  156. How to brew cheap wine…

    Preface: I've never done this before, and i'm totally inexperienced about brewing. I did a little bit of research online and found this was the easiest and cheapest way to brew wine, which seems like the easiest of all alcoholic drinks to mak…

  157. If anyone decides to attempt wine making from this article and reads through the comments, here’s a few corrections/tips.

    1) If you want to get good at doing this, grab a Hydrometer and a notebook. It will tell you how much sugar is in the mix, giving you an estimate of potential alcohol (and when you’re done, lets you now how much you have.)

    2) If you don’t want to use a hydrometer, here’s some things I’ve noticed:
    Using 3 cans of juice concentrate per gallon is around 90 grams of sugar; to get 12% alcohol (where it will keep itself pretty stable) add approximately 3.75-4 cups of sugar. There are charts out there that will let you figure out the equation for your mix.

    3) If you aren’t using juice (for example, making mead or tea-wines [I've been making Dandelion this summer], the yeast need nutrients (not sugar) to survive. Just like with humans, we could technically live off of sugar, but we’d be sick, and we’d be lacking nutrients if we ever tried to have a baby. You can remedy this by either adding some juice (boiling raisins is a good, cheap way) or with yeast nutrient. Add nutrient at about a teaspoon per gallon, and only at the start when boiling the must.

    4) If you want to clear the wine, you have two options: wait for everything to clear itself, or use a mix to settle everything. Bentonite clay is a common option. This works by attracting the charged particles clouding up the must, which makes heavy clumps which fall out. Win.

    4b) I also very much recommend siphoning instead of decanting (pouring). Once I started siphoning, my wine started clearing much faster on it’s own.

    5) Try getting glass jugs. Easy to reuse, lots of people buy wine in glass 4 liter (1 Us gallon = 3.8 liters) jugs and toss them out. And you can watch the fermentation, it’s pretty cool.

    6) Many people shoot down the balloon method. If you don’t want to spend money on a real airlock, here’s my 2 dollar method: get a bag of rubber bands, and a box of sterile ziploc bags. Put the bag over the top of the bottle and secure it with a rubber band. Towards the end of fermentation, if you want to carbonate the wine (fizzes like soda), tighten the rubber band with an extra twist. It will lock in more gas and force it into the wine. Bottle when the bag doesn’t inflate again after squeezing out the gas.

  158. I am confused

  159. NO WAY, i cant drink that

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