Aum (Patcharapa Chaichuea)

This girl needs no introduction as she is voted FHM’s sexiest Asian woman of Thailand. Here’s a few photos of her when she first became the LUX presenter. She’s been much talk amongst Thai’s for her sexy poses but she pulls through most of the time. However she has disappeared for a while. It’s like that, stars come and go in waves, but their always around here.
09819 003.thumbnail Aum (Patcharapa Chaichuea) 09819 004.thumbnail Aum (Patcharapa Chaichuea) 09819 006.thumbnail Aum (Patcharapa Chaichuea) 720281.thumbnail Aum (Patcharapa Chaichuea)
720282.thumbnail Aum (Patcharapa Chaichuea) 720283.thumbnail Aum (Patcharapa Chaichuea) 720284.thumbnail Aum (Patcharapa Chaichuea) 720285.thumbnail Aum (Patcharapa Chaichuea)

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10 Responses to “Aum (Patcharapa Chaichuea)”

  1. she is pretty but she needs to come to u.s. too hahahah love you aum..

  2. hey aum, i reckon that you are so pretty. i think that you need to take some photo shots or movie shots here in Australia. love you aum

  3. she is so cuet,cool,hot,pretty , i think we have to put more pic of her :em21: any one know her addres ao email ??

  4. i will go to thailand to see her. she is a fine lady. she so cute. i love her so much.


  6. :em70: :em70: :em70: she is so sexy and beautiful I love her, she is my favorite supper star.

  7. I know her so nice

  8. I know about her everything I have many photo I love Aum so much

  9. She’s sure very hot, I’m kindda buring here already. I might melt if see her in person. :em34:

  10. Hey!…Man i love reading your blog, interesting posts ! it was a great Tuesday

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